InWaiting magazine and book covers

Magazine covers
Protect your precious magazines

Keep your precious magazines and books looking great

inWaiting specialises in premium protective plastic covers for magazines and books.

All inWaiting covers and made of premium, durable plastic with high clarity to keep your books and magazines looking great.

Covers come in 5 sizes to fit most magazine dimensions. Covers of other sizes can be made available so please contact us if our standard sizes are not suitable.

Each cover comes with 4 inside pockets: 2 to hold the magazine or book securely and 2 for storing additional information.

inWaiting is part of a larger NZ business that offers the following services:

  • Free magazines for approved waiting rooms
  • Targeted advertising in waiting rooms
  • Product sampling and experiential campaigns
  • Magazine sampling for publishers

Please see for more information.

Magazine covers
Protect your precious magazines